Nicole Spirit Riders Facebook post

Nicole Spirit Riders Facebook post

Nicole Spirit Riders Facebook post

Alberta teachers' union boss sorry for 'additional hurt' caused by inviting convicted murderer to convention

February 7, 2019
CBC News
'Mr. Evans committed a violent and heinous act and we do not condone his actions in any way'

Updated: November 28, 2018

Clare Clancy - Calgary Herald

The province is preparing to regulate addiction treatment facilities and launch a college to oversee professionals who call themselves counsellors and therapists

June 4, 2009 image capture of a two Facebook comments from graduates of the AARC rehabilitation program after legal protest at AARC fund raising event at Hyatt Regency Calgary. There are several more similar saved over a 10 day period. The same graduates that youth participates were put under their control.

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aarc-Cody Irving







October 8, 2015

Jeremy Simes - Metro Calgary

Marijuana dependency increasingly concerning for Calgary youth rehab clinic
Researcher says marijuana dependency not as severe as some claim


CBC Fifth Estate broadcast Powerless in 2009.

Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre ( AARC ) was shown to use very abusive tactics.

March 2009 Rachel Notley, then a Alberta NDP MLA demanded the provincial government launch an investigation of the controversial Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (AARC).

CBC News Posted: Feb 13, 2009
Alberta drug rehab centre abused us, former teen patients allege
Executive director calls them 'liars,' former patient denies abuses